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Glossaries are a great way to get students to engage in material that usually takes the form of memorize and recall. As an instructor you can grade student entries in the glossary. This tutorial will walk you through that process.

1. Navigate to the Glossary you wish to rate and make sure that ratings are enabled. 

If ratings are not enabled, while in the glossary choose Edit Settings from the Settings Column.

Scroll to the ratings section and determine the aggrgate type and the scale you wish to use (how many marks the activity is worth).

Choose Save and Return to course.


2. View a glossary entry and rate the entry using the drop down menu at the bottom of the entry.

When you navigate away from this page, the rating will be saved as a grade within the gradebook. If you wish to change this rating after, you can do so by following this step again and choosing a new rating, or you can edit the grade via the gradebook.


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