To access Moodle click here.

Once you have your quiz set up in Moodle it is highly recommended to preview your quiz to make sure everything looks and works as you wish before the exam opens to students.


To begin, click on the quiz you are working on. Once you click on the Quiz, the Settings Block changes to accommodate the quiz tool.

Click on Preview.

You are now in quiz preview mode.

Note: If you have a password associated with your quiz you will need to enter it here. If your quiz does not have a password you will be able to preview your quiz immediately.

In preview mode, you will notice a Quiz Navigation Box on the top left corner of the screen. You can navigate through questions by clicking on the numbers in this box. Students will have the same quiz navigation when they are completing their quiz. This is an easy way for students to double check their answers before submitting their quiz. Similarly, if you as the instructor have specific questions to check over you can navigate to them very easily this way. If you notice a mistake on a specific question, click on the edit question icon; this will take you directly to that questions editing page.


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