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When adding questions to a quiz in Moodle you can choose to keep those questions in order, randomly select from categories, or create new questions as you go along. In this tutorial we will show you how to randomize questions in your Moodle quiz.

To begin. Click on the quiz you want to add questions to. 

Under the Settings Block on the left side of your screen, click on Edit Quiz.

On the right you will notice a drop down list called Add. Click on the list and then choose + a random question.

You can choose the category from which you want Moodle to pull the random question(s) from. In this example, there are 17 questions in the category and we want Moodle to randomly pull 10 of the 17 questions into the exam. Once you have chosen your category, click on the drop down list to choose the number of questions you would like randomized. This could be one, all, or any in between. Click on Add Random Question.

NOTE: In an exam attempt, Moodle will not choose the same question twice. 

You will now have 10 randomly selected questions from your category showing in your quiz.



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