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I Can't See my Moodle Courses

If you are a new student or faculty to the University of Lethbridge and you cannot see your Moodle courses make sure you have first set up your UofL account. This process is NOT automatic and must be set up by you.

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I Can't See my Moodle Classes

At the University of Lethbridge, not all classes will have a Moodle course component. Instructors are given the option to use Moodle if they wish. If your instructor has informed you that the course will be online in Moodle but you are unable to see the course please check the following.

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Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Forums

If you have a discussion forum in Moodle you can choose to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the forum. If you subscribe to a forum in Moodle you will not only see the post in the Moodle forum on your course page but you will also receive an email in your UofL email account to notify you that a new post was made in the forum. One exception is that if the instructor has chosen to make the forum a forced subscription you have no choice but to receive emails on every discussion posting.

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Information About the Testing Centre

If you are new to taking exams in the Testing Centre this article will walk you through the steps so that you know what to expect before your exam.

Summer Hours:
Wednesday - Thursday:  9am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday:  9am - 5pm 

Location: University Hall, B7 labs 

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